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The following registrations are currently open:

- Kindergarten thru 8th Grade Boys and Girls Summer Basketball Skills Training

- Kindergarten thru 8th Grade Boys & Girls 3-Day Summer Basketball Camps

- Kindergarten thru 7th Grade Fall 2021 NFL Flag Football

- 3rd thru 8th Grade Fall Elkhorn Youth Tackle Football

- Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade Boys & Girls Fall 2021 & Winter 2022 Basketball 


Fall 2021 NFL Flag Football for K thru 7th Grade Boys & Girls

Fall 2021 Elkhorn Tackle Football for 3rd thru 8th Grade Players

Summer Basketball 2021 for K thru 8th Grade Boys & Girls

Summer Basketball Options/Program Descriptions

Summer Skills Program:
Our summer skills program is a comprehensive basketball training strategy.  Our belief is that all basketball camps have value, as the players are getting touches, but the real value in basketball development is a longer-term approach in which the players are able to improve and actually change habits, with continual reinforcement of fundamentals and skills.  In our summer skills program we do not scrimmage, we do not play games or have contests. Instead, we work with each player to master shooting form, ball handling, pressure ball handling, basketball IQ and advanced skills such as setting screens, defending screens, splitting double teams with the dribble, rebounding, catching and shooting, finishing at the rim, creating their own space, moving without the ball, etc.  The program spans 8 sessions over 4 weeks, with each session lasting around 80 minutes.  We anticipate we will reach capacity for this program in advance of the summer.
3-Day Basketball Camp:
Our 3-day basketball camp is a favorite of all players.  This one will sell out quickly.  This camp is our opportunity to celebrate the game of basketball and make basketball fun for the players while helping them to build passion for the game.  We will have tons of fun with contests, games and skill challenges!  We will have champions at every grade level!  We will crown a Free Throw Champion, 3-Point Champion, Knock-Out Champion, Dribble Knock-Out Champion, Hot Spot Champion and Black Magic Champion.  Awesome awards will be given to each champion at every grade level, including gift cards to our winners at each grade, for every contest!  This camp spans 3-days with each daily session lasting 3 hours in-Length.

Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade Fall & Winter Basketball!

3rd thru 8th Grade Boys & Girls Basketball

3rd thru 8th Grade Boys & Girls Basketball Tryouts for the 2021-22 Season are now complete.  All teams have been formed.  We currently have spots open at the following grades/levels:
4th Grade Elkhorn Elite Girls (Silver or Bronze Level)


7TH Grade Elkhorn Attack Boys (Upper Bronze Level)


8th Grade Elkhorn Attack Boys (Bronze Level)
If interested in filling one of these spots, please contact Todd Jakopovic at:

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2020-21 Gallery of Champions

More Exciting Announcements and Programs Coming in 2021!

so far In 2021, we introduced our new girls all-stars basketball program!  but, we still have more exciting announcements planned for 2021!  Stay tuned AS this next one will be huge!  and...we are already planning for a big announcement in 2022!